In the Reading Corner for May

May you see what I’ve read the past month…

Ah, corny jokes!

This past month has been filled with some of the best writing I’ve read. It’s honestly made me want to attempt writing. Though I feel right now that I’ll never be as good of a writer as some of my favorite authors, especially those I read consistently and almost obsessively, I’ll never know unless I try. Perhaps in ten years you’ll see a novel from me. Ten years? Yes, only because I have so many books I want to read and if I’m writing, I’ll obviously not be doing a whole lot of reading. That just won’t do.

Back to the real purpose here… keep reading for what I read this past month!

Turn to Me by Becky Wade


I loved this just as much as I love Becky Wade. She’s one of the best! Just enough suspense to satisfy.


I preordered this book months ago. I believe I originally preordered with Amazon, but then she (via newsletter) or someone somehow let me know that this was available for preorder at a discount with the publisher, Baker House! So I did what I’ve done before – cancelled Amazon order and ordered elsewhere! 😍

Preordering from the publisher was even better because the book was SIGNED by Becky Wade and I got a book mark with writing and photography from her previous book. All the heart eyes.

Character-wise… I’m more of a Finley and I don’t know if I would have liked Luke in real life. (Maybe at the end? But not in most of it 😅)

But, it did make for an interesting and suspenseful, yet romantic and inspirational read. Like always. Never disappointed with Becky Wade.

A Return of Devotion by Kristi Ann Hunter


I loved this. I loved it just as much as the first book in the series. Can’t love it enough. I loved the characters. I loved the humor. I loved the story of forgiveness and finding purpose in what God has given us. God’s purpose is so much greater than social standing or culture.

As the second book in the series, I would definitely say to read the series in order. It makes much more sense that way and if I hadn’t have read the first one first… I don’t think I would have gotten the full picture of the plot.

The Light at Wyndcliff by Sarah E Ladd


I won this book in a giveaway from one of my book friends, Katelyn! I entered, won and she bought me a book. 🥰 Follow her on Instagram.

This completes the series I started years ago! The Cornwall novels by Ladd have been great. I don’t know if this one was as good, but I remember really enjoying the first two novels.

Meet Me in the Margins by Melissa Ferguson


All. The. Feels.

I loved this story. It was hilarious and sweet. I loved the unique characters and Will. Ugh.

I literally laughed our loud at times!

After three books of Melissa Ferguson in recent months, I am a fan! Can’t wait to see what she gives us readers next!

I still think about this book – it was that great.

Written on the Wind by Elizabeth Camden


I read the first few pages of this while walking around in Mardel! Then I went home and had to finish the other book I was reading… haha

This is one of my favorite books. I’ve said that a lot lately, but hey, if the authors are that good… *shrug*

I love the hint of banter that you could see in book one of the Blackstone Legacy series. Book two didn’t disappoint and just made the whole romance between Natalia and Dimitri so… tragically beautiful. I don’t know. I love Dimitri. The humor was so good too. It was like he just acted like he was miserable just so Natalia would take care of him and she totally didn’t mind, LOL.

This was one of those that I gave 5 stars. I would watch this in movie form. I loved it. But I also don’t want the imagine of what I picture the characters to be ruined – my constant battle in my head.

Very excited for book three!!

Enchanting the Heiress by Kristi Ann Hunter


This is the last book in Kristi Ann Hunter’s Hearts on the Heath series. I was skeptical about it at first, before I read it and even starting it. I was like what could this possibly be about? But then a few chapters in I really got into it and I loved it (resulting in five stars on GoodReads 😏).

I loved the personal growth of the characters and seeing the way they learned from each other and from their situations.

This one didn’t feel as much like a series as the others so this one could be read as a stand alone if you must.

Distant Echoes by Colleen Coble


Not sure why it took me so long to read this… I was trying to listen to the audiobook of it while I worked and read other stuff when I wasn’t working in hopes of finishing more, but that obviously didn’t work. Haha! Work didn’t allow me as much time to listen as the book progressed and then my audiobook went back to the library and I couldn’t check it out again because someone else already checked it out!

Another suspense novel by Colleen Coble! I have the whole series bought and ready so I hope to read them all soon! I’m learning Hawaiian words I’ll never use and then forget, so that’s cool.

Black Sands by Colleen Coble


I could not put this one down. I usually can’t when I read Colleen Coble, and this was definitely no different. It also helped that I started and finished this one over a weekend.

This one had a lot going on relationally between all the characters more than other books I felt like. So much tension and dynamics. I was intrigued by the danger and blooming romance that was thrown in!

Can’t wait for the next book in the series (sitting on my shelf)!

I tried so hard to finish another book before May ended but with NHL playoffs on… didn’t happen. If NHL playoffs weren’t happening, I’m sure I could have read two more books! Lol

Eight books total read in May. Maybe I’ll get to 10 next month. I’m so close to my 50 book reading goal!!I

I’ll also be signing up for the summer reading program soon with the county library. I think it was last year I finished the reading program in like a week! We’ll see how fast I can finish this year.

Thanks for reading this morning! Share what you’ve been reading in the comments!

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  1. I was so excited to get a notification about your post this morning! And I really do hope you start writing! I think you will do a fabulous job!!

    Regrading what you read:
    – That is awesome about the Becky Wade book being signed, with a bookmark included!
    – I have just started reading the first book in the Becky Wade series that you mentioned. So I am a little behind. Honestly I have not read much by this author yet. I think the only items I have read were novellas.
    – The Kristi Ann Hunter books that you read are on my TBR list. (You made me laugh when you said the one book could be a standalone “if you must.” Haha!)
    – I am not familiar with Sarah E. Ladd or Melissa Furgeson.
    – I saw on Good Reads that you gave the Elizabeth Camden book 5 stars. And since you don’t always rate a book, I knew this meant I had to add this author to my list. So I did start reading Carved in Stone. But haven’t finished yet. Things are going too good right now. So I am scared that something is going to blow up.
    – I love Colleen Coble’s writing, but haven’t read anything by her lately.

    Speaking of GoodReads, I had to laugh when I saw I reached my goal of 30 for the year. So after that I did change it to 50.

    I think this month I did a better job of picking books that I truly liked.

    I completed:
    – Mulberry Hollow by Denise Hunter. I know you read this one and loved it. I loved it too.
    – A Castaway in Cornwall by Julie Klassen. This one felt different than the other Klassen books. But it was still a great book.
    – Don’t Give the Enemy a Seat at Your Table by Louie Giglio. Excellent read.
    – Praying for Your Husband from Head to Toe by Sharon Jaynes. I think the overall basis was good. I didn’t love the way it was mapped out. So I wound up writing my own prayer.
    – Luther and Katharina by Jody Hedlund. Honestly this wasn’t my favorite by this author. But I appreciated the history involved, since it is based on Martin Luther and his wife.
    – Walking With God by Asheritah Ciuciu. Excellent workbook for quiet time with God.
    – How to Be Filled With the Holy Spirit by A.W. Tozer. Insightful and short.
    – Vying for the Viscount by Kristi Ann Hunter. Finally read my first book by this author. And I really enjoyed it.

    1. Summer says:

      Thank you! I have ideas for a novel, but it’s executing it and making it interesting I worry about. Lol

      Becky Wade is one of my favs! 😀 Hope you enjoy her as much as I do.

      Lol – I always enjoy reading in order, but every once in a while it happens where I don’t.

      I think you’d enjoy Melissa Ferguson’s witty writing.

      Yes, I saw that you started Carved in Stone! 😀 I can’t wait for the third book in the series. I don’t even know what the cover will look like, but Written on the Wind was cool! I liked seeing what Dimitri looked like in this instance. Normally I don’t 😂 but he fit the profile of what I thought so it was fine by me.

      I’m happy that you upped your reading goal!! I hope to reach 50 soon and maybe I’ll slow down on my reading (or not).

      Such good reads this month for you!! I’ll have to check out some of those – especially Tozer. 🙂

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