The Weekend Feels


Well, I got dirty over the weekend. I woke up late Saturday and decided I needed to finally get busy working on my mom’s garden that I said months ago I would work on restoring and landscaping in a way.

We went and loaded her truck up with dirt for releveling purposes. I got a little way into shoveling the dirt out and I was needing a break, so we went and picked up the flowers I planned to plant.

Digging the holes for the plants were the next challenge. The ground was pretty soft after some recent heavy rain, so that was good, otherwise it would have been 10x worse. The area for planting is pretty much a full sun area so it’s usually pretty rough and hard ground. I know this because I’ve tried to dig roots out of there when it hadn’t seen rain in a while.

The (almost) finished product made my arms sore the next morning. It worked out pretty easily, but the randomly returned later in the day. I thought my back would be what would hurt also, but it didn’t, unless me preparing it with a heating pad before any pain set in helped matters, I don’t know. It’s hard to read with a heating pad wrapped around your arms, just saying.

I haven’t put in so much manual labor in a while. Reading doesn’t prepare me for a life of labor like working in the bookstore used to do, LOL.

I planted two Lilly plants, four grass looking plants I can’t remember the name of, a blue flower that I can’t remember the name of, two black sweet potato vines and a pink flower I also can’t remember the name of.

As you can probably tell, I am nowhere close to a gardener.


Sunday, just after lunch on our way home, traffic was stopped and we were wondering why. Up ahead, we caught a glimpse of that why! It was a family of geese crossing the road! It was cute. Looked like maybe two family of geese since there were four grown sized geese with all the small goslings.

Hockey Losses

Not only did my local team lose a few weeks ago in playoffs, but my NHL team also lost.

The Penguins put up a fight, making it to Game 7 in Round 1 against the Rangers. They went into Overtime and lost. It was truly a heartbreaker.

Right after? The Dallas Stars and Calgary Flames played and the Stars came to the same fate. I fell asleep and woke up to the news that they lost in OT, 2-3.

Who do I have in the playoffs? Well, I guess the St Louis Blues? Lol

Reading wins

I was finally able to finish another book. It’s been a week since I finished a book!! This week it was Written on the Wind by Elizabeth Camden. You’ll read about that in my In the Reading Corner post in a few weeks, but I’ll spoil it enough to say that I loved it. 🙂

It was a pretty chill, but eventful weekend in my world I suppose. What about you?

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