Music Videos & Their Audacity

For years, I’ve been reluctant and pretty much refuse to watch the music videos to songs I enjoy listening to.


I’m consistently disappointed.

I like to avoid disappointment.

When I listen to a song, especially songs that tell a story, I imagine that story in my head playing out. A music video is always, in my experience, wrong and not even accurate to what I’ve developed in my head. The videos ruin it in my head and I have to block out what I just watched.

This is probably why I enjoy reading over television. I don’t enjoy watching shows or movies as much as I enjoy reading. I also enjoy books without people on the covers. If they do, and it’s fiction, I’m always comparing the description of the characters to the cover. What if they’re not correct? Ahhh. The horror. Do I have books with people on the covers? Yes, a few. It’s fine. They’re usually pretty accurate. They better be.

Back to videos, they have a lot of audacity to spin a story in video form that doesn’t match the story they’ve spun through words in my head.

Sometimes I watch them and I’m like, what is this? Because it doesn’t make sense with the words.

Does this post change the world? No, but I hope it lets people know to leave the music videos to people who know the words. Lol 😂

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  1. Lol. I’ve never thought about this before. But I can see your point! 😂

    1. Summer says:

      Lol 😅 I just can’t watch them anymore at all!

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