In Line Again

It’s a cloudy day in Tulsa and Broken Arrow y’all!

Instead of the post office this time… In line for a COVID test – hoping it’s negative since it’s been a week since I tested positive and over two weeks since I started having symptoms. I haven’t had symptoms in days now.

I knew when my mom and I ventured out to this no-appointment-necessary location, that there’d be a line. A friend had come to this one, but I didn’t realize it was a Saint Francis urgent care location until I was about to call the urgent care we normally go to to see about testing us and saw that they had a drive up testing location. This means I’ll get results sent to my online account and I can see it on the app.

When we got to the neighborhood, I thought my mom was going to forget about the whole thing and head back home. But we really need to be tested to clear her for work and I want to feel safe to go to the store or go to events. So here we are.

Pictures are from when we’re almost to the entrance to the parking lot itself after 45 minutes.

While sitting here, I have been productive!

I finished the book I’ve been reading since the 6th, a Hallmark Publishing book you’ll just have to wait for my blog post highlighting my January reads to find out about it! Ha.

A man was walking down the long line of cars, starting front the urgent care parking lot into the neighborhood a few blocks. At each car he would give the drivers a piece of paper.

He told us that Jesus loves us and we told him Jesus loves him too!

Luckily, hockey has been on the road so I haven’t missed a game until tonight’s home game. I’m sad, but I wouldn’t want to possibly spread this to anyone either obviously, soooo…. I’ll just have to settle for social media updates of the game progress or if any friends go.

It’s 4pm as I type this and it’s been an hour of waiting in line – we finally made it into the parking lot for check-ins. I FORGOT SNACKS. But I’ll go home and get some dinner soon so it’s fine. Everything is fine!

While being home and reading, I’ve been drafting a few blog posts so I hope to finish those soon to publish.

I hope you are well and staying safe (and sanitized 😎).

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  1. So sorry! Prayers that you are back on your feet soon 🙏

    1. Summer says:

      Thank you! ☺️☺️☺️

  2. How great is it that someone was making use of the time in line to spread the love of Jesus! ❤️

    1. Summer says:

      I thought so too!! ❤️

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