Reading Moments of November

Another month of reading in the world of Summer!

This month was filled with good news, trials, and vacation time of reading and relaxation. And a lot of Denise Hunter… again. Lol

And Christmas books!! I’m cramming in Christmas stories so I can decide on some for my Christmas reading post for this year! 😳 You’ll see what I mean by a lot of reading as you read along… and keep reading since there’s a lot of books in this post!!

How did I get more reading done this month?? I’ve asked this many times in recent months.

Well, another life hack from a reading addict. I discovered, late in life at this point with my addiction slowly getting out of control… that I can get the ebook of the book I’m reading at home on my phone on a number of apps through my library rental program. Perhaps this isn’t new to anyone and it’s not really a new concept for me – this ebook and library rental thing – but it’s the fact that I have my book at home that I’m reading but don’t necessarily take it with me everywhere I go. My phone goes everywhere I go so this makes it super handy to keep on reading!

I’ve found that Hoopla is the best at having ebooks for books so far. It’s not just Hoopla! Perhaps that’s because of the relationship my library has with them…? Not sure how it works, but Overdrive does not have a great selection I’ve noticed. At least not the level that Hoopla does.

Of these two apps, I do prefer Overdrive because of its functionality and that it actually keeps my spot in the book, bookmarks actually work… But I do like that Hoopla gives me a better chance at finding the book I need.

Maybe you’ll find this tip helpful as you read (or fuel your own addiction…). 🙂

On Christmas Avenue by Ginny Baird


Just another cute Hallmark read!! ☺️

Falling Like Snowflakes by Denise Hunter


Summer Harbor – book #1

This is part of a series I read out of order on accident. Finally read book #1!

Just a Kiss by Denise Hunter


Summer Harbor – book #3

You can tell which book I had read first.. since I read books 1 and 3 😅

A nice ending to another series by Denise Hunter 🥰

The Perfect Christmas by Debbie Macomber


This was pretty comical! She agrees to have a matchmaker, but he (the matchmaker) is so frustrating about it and you know how that goes. They fall in love 🥰

Barefoot Summer by Denise Hunter

Book #1 in the Chapel Springs series.

The awkward moment I finished the next book in the series and when I went to mark that one as “I finished this book!” on GoodReads, I realized I never marked this one as finished. 😅😅 So now my dates are off on there, buuuut oh well.

I really enjoyed this book and was so excited about reading the rest of the series… that I did!

Dancing With Fireflies by Denise Hunter

Book #2 in the Chapel Springs Series.

Developing the Leaders Around You: How to Help Others Reach Their Full Potential by John C. Maxwell

I’d recommend this book to anyone! It was so good and I feel like I need to go back and reference it soon because of work life developments. I know I will be going back to it in the future for sure.

I heard about John C. Maxwell during my time in Change Champions through my company (I blogged about this) and I was like just like I NEED BOOKS BY THIS MAN.

So here we are and I have another book or two by him as well so maybe you’ll see those in my reading moments next year!

The Wishing Season by Denise Hunter


Book #3 of the Chapel Springs series.

This was such a good book 🥺 a lot of conflict, but a lot of good things happened too!

A Timeless Christmas by Alexis Stanton


Ive had this book for a few months at least… I got it because I know that it has been adapted into a Hallmark movie and I’ve yet to actually watch the full movie.

Because I haven’t seen the whole movie, I have no idea how the movie measures up the book, but I know that the book is better.

Dear Santa by Debbie Macomber


Yes, I read this in one day.

The start of Thanksgiving holiday break from work was starting. It was a Wednesday and though I still had work to do, I woke up early to begin this book, took my hour lunch to read this book and prioritized this book over all else that evening.

This was the first book in my reading goal of a book a day whilst on a break. Though I have other things on my to do list, reading is obviously highly ranked. Right up there with staying hydrated, though I tend to be so engrossed in the fiction I forget my need for water.

If you have ever, or continue to have, outrageous and addiction-like reading goals, please enlighten me in the comments! I’d love to know, as always, that I am not alone in these activities and that I am not, contrary to some people’s opinions, crazy.

You and Me by Becky Wade


Again, yes, I read this in a day! Three hours to be exact.

I ordered this the weekend prior to me receiving it in my Amazon order. I received it 11/26 while I was out shopping Black Friday (Barnes and Noble, Mardel, Maurice’s, Kirkland’s… in that order, obvi prioritized… lol). When I got home, I took the items (3 books and string lights for my room!) out of the giant envelope and started reading! Why did I start this when I had another book already started? Because this was also Christmas and it was short. I was confident I could finish this novella in plenty of time to still accomplish other things on my reading list by my self-appointed deadline. The joys of reading struck again!

Christmas Next Door


Just some nice ole stories to read!! Super small town in the older days. I like reading these types of books and went through a phase where it was like all I read.

Return to Christmas by Kathi Macias


This one was really good! I haven’t experienced a very close loved one in the military, or the after effects of that experience, but this was an eye opening read. The ending seemed kind of rushed to me, but that’s the only complaint. It was a nice Christmas-time miracle read if you’re in the market.

Annnnnd thanks for reading!! ❤️

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  1. I haven’t heard of Hoopla before. But I was recently introduced to Libby and read a Julie Klassen book via that route. Now I don’t know if all the apps are like this, but I heard with Libby that the size of the selection will depend on the library.
    I read the two Denise Hunter Summer Harbor books, but it’s been awhile. I know I really liked the 1st one. But I am having a hard time remembering the 3rd one. I’m sure I liked it though. Lol. And I read the Chapel Springs series too. But again it’s been awhile and some of it is fuzzy.
    I actually saw John Maxwell in person once! He spoke at a church I was going to.
    I read Dear Santa by Debbie Macomber also. I have enjoyed most of her Christmas stories. But I confess I am starting to have mixed feelings about her because sometimes things will slip in that I don’t feel is appropriate. Maybe it’s just me. I don’t know.
    No you are not crazy! Reading is a very important priority in life. And if anyone doesn’t “get it” then they are missing out!
    Here is what I completed in November:
    The Truth in Tiramisu, The Secret in Sandcastles, The Meaning in Mistletoe, and the Faith in Flowers all by Rachael Bloome. But I must confess that I did audio on them while commuting to and from work.
    I also listened to audio version of The Gift of Prayer by Charles Stanley. But I wasn’t always good about keeping my mind on what I was hearing. So I am going to try to do no more audio books, especially if they are non-fiction.
    I also read You’re Not Enough and that’s okay by Allie Beth Stuckey. I get her point in this book. She is trying to say that our society tells us we can do and be anything we want. But the truth is that we can’t, only Jesus can. It was good. But It also kind of made me feel a little depressed.
    And I read Bring on the merry by Candace Cameron Bure. Love her!

    1. Summer says:

      I think I’ve heard of Libby, but I don’t know if that’s something linked to my central library or not. Maybe I need to tell my library to add more of the books I have on my shelves! Lol

      You can’t go wrong with Denise Hunter 😍

      I would love to meet John Maxwell!

      I’ve found that to be true of Debbie Macomber’s older books actually as opposed to newer books she’s put out. But maybe I need specific examples if you’ve seen it in current and I’m not haha

      Thank you not thinking I’m not crazy and getting me 🥰

      I noticed you’ve been reading all the Rachael Bloome books. 🤓 It makes me happy that my recommendation was a good one and you’re enjoying them!! 😃

      Maybe you’ll need to reread The Gift of Prayer – plus I’m sure you’d get something different out of it a second time through, even if you had read it the first time through.

      I can see how that topic could be depressing. The name of that or author sounds familiar. Maybe I ran across is at Mardel.

      I like Candace too! I’ve seen her book at Mardel, too! Lol did I tell you that her daughter has a book? At least I’m pretty sure it’s her… I think her name is Natasha Bure.

      1. About Debbie Macomber – you are right that it is more so in the older books. However, Hallmark has turned some of her books into movies. And there was something iffy in a recent one. *But* I am not sure if it was in the book or if Hallmark added it. So I probably shouldn’t point fingers without investigating further 😬

        You are right. I really should read The Gift of Prayer again. Sometimes my type A side gets the better of me and I just want to check a book off my list. 🤔

        Okay so I never heard of Mardel but I see they have a website! You may have created a monster. Lol 😂

        And yes Natasha is Candace’s daughter. That’s so cool that she wrote a book. I will have to check it out 😁

        1. Summer says:

          That’s true… There was actually a time last year (possibly two years ago) when there was a new movie on Hallmark and I found out there was a book for it. Book was total trash on so many levels 🥺 Hallmark did a better job. Can you imagine?? I was disappointed. Didn’t finish the book and I think I gave it away.
          If you find it, let me know!

          I feel ya, on checking things off! Sometimes that’s just easy to do.

          Oh my gosh! Yeah, I think it’s regional. I go in there too often. They don’t have them online but they have a section of books that are $1, $3, $5, $10, $15, $25… 😅 I usually only ever look at the $1 and $3 shelves. There’s where I’ve found a lot of my books actually! That and estate sales. 🤓
          But LOL, have fun online!! 😂

          1. Summer says:

            The incident I mentioned about Hallmark wasn’t Debbie Macomber related, by the way. Just to be clear lol

          2. Wow! The book is always supposed to be better!

            Oh I would love a clearance book section! We don’t have any Christian book stores around here anymore. There is a Books-A-Million about 40 miles away though. And they have a nice Christian section.

            Thanks for the fun chat! 🤗

          3. Summer says:

            I agree!

            We have one of those but I haven’t been in there in years!

            Yes, thank you!! ☺️🤗

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