Reading Moments of July

The month of July was another slow month on the reading front. “Slow” as in I really only finished some fiction books (were they all by the same author? I guess you’ll see…) and it wasn’t as many as I’ve had before. I’m had a rough month I guess! Lol

Let’s get into it:

Lake Season (Bluebell Inn Romance #1) by Denise Hunter

I went and got all the books in this trilogy so I read them all in the same month…. So good!! 😍

Carolina Breeze (Bluebell Inn Romance #2) by Denise Hunter

Second book, just as good as the first!

Autumn Skies (Bluebell Inn Romance #3) by Denise Hunter

Third book, just as good as the first two! The ending was perfect and I’m bummed there’s no more to this series, but maybe they’ll pop up later.

Summer By The Tides by Denise Hunter

A stand alone book if you want to get a taste of her writing. I did feel this book was different than her other books, but I can’t put my finger on WHY… still good overall.

Honeysuckle Dreams (Blue Ridge Romance #2) by Denise Hunter

Apparently I have the first and third books, but never had the middle one. So I found this at a used bookstore aaaaaaaaaand yeah, that was a good book haul day for me. Would have gotten more that day, but I limited myself to five books. I’m shocked, too.

Another good series!

So as you’ve found out, I read 5 books in one month and all of them were written by one author. 😳🙃😅

I love Denise Hunter though 😍🥰

I don’t know how much I’ll get read this month, but time will tell! What good book did you read during July??

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  1. I have read all of these books too! However I am pretty sure I listened to them on audio. I have a long commute to work and sometimes listen to books then. But the bad thing is that they don’t always stick with you. I had to look up the last two on your list to remember what they were about!

    1. Summer says:

      That would be a great time to get some “reading” done audibly! I love Denise Hunter. Need more of her books!

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