Limits of God

As I was listening to Proverbs 11 being read to me, I thought about the attributes of God as well. It’s been reiterated in Tozer’s book, The Attributes of God, many times that He is all things, all the time. He’s limitless and boundless. He’s not one attribute more than another at one time or another. These attributes don’t compete for the foremost attribute either, there’s no battle going on within God Himself. He’s unified and unitary.

It got me thinking about the patience of God with His children. He’s not short tempered as humans can be. He doesn’t lash out suddenly or have anger management problems. We have all these limits, whether it’s pain limits or patience, things that annoy us or are those pet peeves! We think, some people just like to push our buttons – but really, it’s our sinful and imperfect nature going against someone else’s. It’s not entirely their fault. We just all have limits and some are shorter than others based on how we receive it, respond to it and strengthen those limits.

God has no limits. I think many, myself included, subconsciously think He has limits in some way. He wouldn’t go that far, is just a way of saying He has limits in our mind. God is boundless, though, meaning anything is possible – even the things that aren’t humanly possible, He can accomplish!

What attributes of God are you remembering today?

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