Reading Moments of May

As I posted before, I’ve been in a slump so, far less was read in the month of May than usual. Good news is, I’m reading again and I’m still ahead on my 50 book goal for the year. 😎

Here’s what I was able to read or finish up in May!

Read 5/7-5/11/2021

This one was pretty good!! A good mystery to read – didn’t know who did it til the end. I’ve marked Emily Barnes’ other books “want to read” on GoodReads. 🙂

Finished last story 5/13/2021

The last story in A Lineage of Grace was about Jesus! ❤️ technically about MARY, but… Jesus 😛

I’m still working on the blog post about this story lol oof

Can never say enough good things about Francine Rivers so here’s the blurb where I tell you to read her books! 😃

Read 4/21-526/2021

I actually bought this book not that long ago at either the thrift store down the street or at an estate sale… can’t remember exactly. Either way, I’m always glad to get another Kingsbury book read!

This was all about miracles really. There were four stories in the collection. This would make a good Christmas read for sure. ❤️

Read 5/30-5/31/2021

Yet again… I’ve come to another Hallmark. As you can see, it didn’t take long to devour this book.

First book I’ve read by Leigh Duncan and now I need more 😂

If you’re looking for a Hallmark movie in a book, Hallmark Publishing will have you covered. I have at least one more on my shelf to read and I’ll probably get to it in another month or so because it’s a Christmas book!

Thanks for stopping by to read about… what I read in May!

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