The Truth

Yesterday, I was listening to music as usual, but had my “liked” songs on shuffle on Spotify.

Jesus by Chris Tomlin came up.

You know how some songs bring back memories or like specific times when you listened to something on repeat? That happens to me a lot.

This song, Jesus, was one of those repeat songs for me because I think I had it on a playlist.

Many moons ago, in a far off land called The University of Tulsa, I was taking a law class about the law, ethics and responsibility- something along those lines. It was sometimes tough being in that class when my religious beliefs differed from my professor, who was Jewish, and some of my peers, who were probably atheists or just unsure about God.

I remember that mostly all I listened to during that semester was a playlist of Christian songs that exclaimed the truth about God and who Jesus is. It helped me get through that class and the difficult discussions.

I hope you’re encouraged today to remember who Jesus is, maybe listen to this song, and also remember that Jesus conquered… He rose a victor. And you can do everything He has called you to do today if you just lean on Him.

Thank you for reading!

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  1. I am not familiar with that song so I will check it out! That was a good idea to fight off the enemy with songs that spoke truth!

    1. Summer says:

      It’s so good!
      It definitely helps when you feel surrounded by the enemy in a sense!

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