Laughter is Good For the Soul

I literally crack myself up… every day. (It’s healthy.)

For example… I cracked myself up yesterday, hard, multiple times. I cracked myself retelling my family later why I was cracking up. I think I actually laughed harder the second time. Is that weird??? (I’m weird, so it’s totes fine.)

It all started when I discovered the Memes for Jesus podcast no one asked for. I follow Memes for Jesus on Instagram and most of their content is spot on and hilarious (to me). I can’t even remember exactly how I discovered this, but I was wanting something different to listen to while I work, too.

This podcast did not disappoint. Oh em gee, it was like listening to Rhett and Link on their Youtube or their Ear Biscuits podcast, but more funny?? I don’t know. I was just in my room/office rolling and the fam is like ??????? I cannot explain how funny it is.

I listened to like maybe 4 or 5 of their episodes yesterday. They’re around an hour long each so that was most of my day, considering I started listening to them before lunch time sooo….

At lunch time, I cracked up because my boyfriend, G, and I got into a heated discussion/argument in the Instagram DMs about the topic that’s coming tomorrow. Notice how I was cracking up at this??? All of our arguments are not serious… at all.

Then, he texted me and said “I love how we’re “fighting” LOL” and I’m like I KNOW. Lol then back in the IG DMs, we’re like I’m done and angry reacting to normal messages and sending funny GIFs. The BEST relationship vibe.

Later, my grandma told my mom how I had been laughing so hard during the day and I was like OMG LET ME TELL YOU ABOUT IT.

*more laughter ensues*

I hope you too are able to laugh today until your sides hurt. It’s a joyful feeling – even when it doesn’t really make sense.


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  1. Laughter is good. I like how you crack yourself up. And don’t worry, I am weird too. But I especiially appreciate how you are so open and genuine. It is hard for me to be myself with other people. So I applaud you for that.

    1. Summer says:

      It just happens 🤣 thank you so much!!

  2. Mrs. Curry says:

    Crack myself up on the daily as well. 🤣👍🏻

    1. Summer says:


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