Icy Situations

Those of us in Oklahoma have finally thawed out of our icy situations (mostly). Some people are still struggling to have their water or power restored. Others are having plumbers come out to fix or repair busted pipes.

Last week, my family had a funny thing happen – though it was not funny at the time.

Wednesday I had started hearing what sounded like water running in the bathroom – it was a sound that I’ve heard before like water was on somewhere else in the house and you just heard it in the pipes in the wall. Our water was fine mostly. I’m the only one who really noticed the sound and the water pressure in the bathroom sink that seemed to have decreased. I assumed well, who knows, it’s a crazy time for everyone and I could possibly just be losing my mind.

Thursday we got out of the house. The roads were clear enough and we went out to eat for dinner. As we returned home and were at the front door on the porch, my mom looked over and pointed out to us the water coming from the outside water faucet. Not okay.

The faucet is off to the right in the picture BUT LOOK AT THESE ICICLES ON OUR BUSHES.

The faucet had one of those insulated covers on it for the winter and so this was a bit shocking. Calls were made and I ended up going out to take the cover off to see if water was coming from the wall around the spout or from the actual faucet. It was coming from the faucet. What does this mean?

I don’t know!

So under the advice of the landlady and the plumber, no water would be cut off, just leave it be until they could get out the next day to look at it. They just didn’t want the water to be coming from around the spout because it could damage the wall, etc.

I was not home when the plumbers came Friday evening, but literally all they did was turn the faucet off. What in tarnation?

Their theory is that perhaps the pipe had frozen in there and when it thawed out enough, the pressure behind it forced the faucet into the on position, causing what appeared to be a leak.

If I had even thought that could be the case, I could have turned the nob myself!

Our situation turned out to be nothing, but so many people have had a really rough time, even around us. Some people had actual busted pipes, flooding and completely without water. We’re blessed to have this funny story to remember this ice storm by.

On another note, fun fact – it seems that for two weeks we dealt with ice and snow only for it to all be gone in 48 hours time once the temps were above freezing.

Did I get enough pictures of my car with the snow?


Did I get a picture of me in the snow?

Not even!

I’m fine. Everything is fine.

I hope that you are staying warm, safe and healthy! ❤️ Thank you for reading.

What are your thoughts on this?

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