Birthday Drifts

Good Monday morning! Is your home covered in snow as you wake up this morning? 100% me this morning….

Yesterday, Sunday, was my birthday! Due to the expected, snowy weather, we celebrated my big day on Saturday instead.


My boyfriend gave me a Polaroid Camera for my birthday and I love it. I’ve wanted one for a hot minute and he remembered.

Our celebration started with a game of checkers (I lost), and then I popped a beautiful pan of meatball and pepperoni pasta bake into the oven.

Peep the toast – it’s a hamburger bun lol

Lunch was delicious and reminded me that I should make that more often.

We moved onto games after lunch. We started off with Yahtzee with mom and my boyfriend. After that, it was Mario Kart time with my boyfriend and I lost. It was not a fun time all around.

We ended up going to Target after all the losses in gaming…. and I was going to get some film to start snapping some photos with that Polaroid camera! – they were sold out. Why. Why wouldn’t they not have what I neeeeeeed. So I ordered it online and that’ll come next week. *excited*

We had some cookie cake and ice cream – delicious – and then played some more games (can you tell I enjoy playing games??).


Yesterday the snow began. Precipitation. Much awaited, might I add! Like get it over with.

I woke up and couldn’t go back to sleep because I was aware of the buzzing of my phone that’s always on vibrate… people saying Happy Birthday and all that. Wellpppp, not going to sleep much… so I got up and started reading (of course).

The snow stopped during the day and then began again later in the afternoon. We’re getting snowed in slowly, but surely. Snow drifts are forming around us because of all the wind, so that’s cool…. literally. It’s in the single digits and feels like single to double digits below zero. So, literally cool. Just a bit.

To conclude, my birthday was okay and I plan on celebrating more maybe in a week or two properly.

Today is my day off from work so more reading and chilling is on the menu. I hope you have a great week!!

What are your thoughts on this?

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