Purpose – When in Doubt

Have you ever asked yourself why you’re even here? I have many times, usually when I’m deeply discouraged and a lot of instances before I really knew anything about life (ah, teen years…).

As I’ve grown in faith (and as a person) over the past 6-7 years (it’s been that long and I feel like it was just yesterday sometimes!), I’ve found less discouragement in “purpose” and my discouragement is usually in achieving said purpose. How?

Our general purpose as humans, created by God, has always been to glorify Him and be with Him forever. Do I always give glory to God? Most likely not. Do I act as if I’ll be with Him forever? Probably not all the time, although recently I’ve thought a lot about it if you couldn’t tell from posts.

Whether people realize this general purpose of being or not does not change the purpose that God created us to have.

Aside from the general purpose of being, He gives each of us a purpose on our journey from birth to our final destination. That takes even more counsel and intentionally. We take counsel from Him and His Word because if we don’t look to Him, it’s pretty hard to know what He’s called you to do, right?

Sometimes the discouragement has been because of me not knowing why I go through the things I’ve gone through. In the moment, especially at the beginning, I wonder what? Why? What is this and why is it happening to me? Why me? Then, there’s the moment of “Surely this has a purpose…” and then the next it’s “Well, I don’t see the point yet or if there is one at all and I’d really just like to be done with this.” Unfortunately, God doesn’t want us to just be out or be done. He finishes what He starts and He expects the same of us. Endurance is built up… by enduring.

Whatever He’s called you to personally, do not be discouraged by your amount of unanswered questions and doubts. Remember that you have a purpose only He can give you and only He can give you the strength and guidance for. Lean on Him and don’t lose faith in the impossible.

Rejoice in our confident hope. Be patient in trouble, and keep on praying.

Romans 12:12

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