New Year, New Ways

In today’s devotional from Billy Graham’s Wisdom for Each Day, he talks about making resolutions.

Do you make resolutions each year?

I don’t know if I have ever made one. That may be because I feel it’s pointless – but what’s pointless is actually making pointless goals that you know at the beginning you can’t achieve (or won’t since can’t is irrelevant, you can, you just choose not to).

That’s how I’ve been and I’ve probably mentioned it before here somewhere, last year or the year before. I’m not one to make resolutions.

Some things I’d like to do one day though? Save more. Work out regularly or at all (since I pretty much never do). Wake up early every day instead of right when it’s time for work (the work from home struggles continue).

My goal each morning for a while now has been to wake up early and work on learning in the Bible. It’s a prime time to do it. Less distraction from other people because they’re still asleep or just not talking much – what happens that early in the morning??

That being said, I might need to readjust my sleeping time. I went to this mindset of I HAVE TO BE IN BED BY 10PM. Does that happen? Eh, most days (through the week) I’d say yes. Then, I get thrown off my schedule and I’m tired and I’m trying to catch up. I hear, or sometimes don’t hear, my alarm but I keep sleeping! I’ll either turn it off or sleep through it. My alarms start going off an hour and a half before I’m due to log in for work. How many times do I wake up that early? Not sure but it’s not that many. *sadness*

My goal this year is to conquer this challenge and to be able to set aside that time for working out (somehow??) and also having that dedicated time in the morning for the Lord.

As always, it goes without saying that I have a lot of books stacked about that I need to get read. That is also on my to-do list for the year and at the last half of 2020 I made great bounds toward getting through them. Here’s hoping that I don’t buy too many with my B&N gift card I got at Christmas.

What is/are your resolution(s) this year?

What are your thoughts on this?

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