Jesus at Christmastime

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The question

When you see or hear Jesus portrayed at Christmastime, what strikes you as not exactly accurate about Him or His birth? Explain. Referenced in Luke 2.

The answer

Hmmmmm I mean, can we talk about how white he’s portrayed? Lol

Back in Jesus’ time, there was a lot of cultural significance. When the story is told, it almost seems like a tale. Today, being born in a manger would be like… what? You couldn’t get to the hospital? People today still have babies in the craziest places, sometimes in a car.

Something that as a child we’re not really told of, or at least I wasn’t (or I didn’t pay attention which is quite possible) is that it wasn’t like in a week’s time. They didn’t go to Bethlehem for the census, she just so happened to give birth and the shepherds came and yada yada yada all in one week! It seems that when you read it because they don’t give like a date and time for us. From what we do know…. we can infer that this was possibly months to years in total. By the time they got there, Jesus was most likely in the “toddler” stage of life.

In our culture today, people celebrate Christmas and celebrate Jesus’ birth (we can do this daily though… ) and He was most likely not born in the winter, let’s be real. When I think about Christmas I think about Jesus only because that’s what I know we as Christians celebrate it for. I don’t feel like Christmas accurately, as a whole, reflects of Jesus’ goodness and what He has truly done for us. Luckily, we’re given grace for all of our imperfections.

What things do you see that are inaccurate about Jesus this time of year?

What are your thoughts on this?

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