Tears of Pride

My nephew has been doing distance learning for a while now, as most students have during this crazy time. It’s been a challenge to say the least – with discipline and learning about the software and the schedule. All of this has been a lot to get used to and figure out. Finding a routine and what works best has been months in the making. I think we’re getting there though. I was hoping that by the time we finally figured this thing out that we’d just go back to in person learning. That doesn’t seem to be the case. Just when they went back to in person… Thanksgiving happened and they came back home. Lugging the bag full of textbooks and the laptop and the supplies – so much for a mere 3rd grader but that’s what it was!

Today, during his reading class, my nephew was asked to read a portion of their story. He started reading and then didn’t even stumble or get hung up on a word. He read and did such a good job.

Just a year ago he had trouble reading and there were concerns from me and his teachers that he might get behind. From then to now I’ve pushed even more for his reading and reading comprehension. He has not enjoyed it most of the time, either. This week in particular, though, he has wanted nothing else but a book in his hands. I’ve had to actually get him away from reading to do schoolwork.

It gives me joy and so much pride to see where he has gotten in his reading in that amount of time, especially recently. I love that he loves to read (is it because he sees me reading all the time?? Maybe…) and that he’s found books that he enjoys reading, too.

This morning as I listened to his reading, I got tears in my eyes. I asked myself, what is this?? Why the tears?? Tears of pride and joy are the best though.

My nephew makes me proud when I see the progress he’s made in learning and growing. We have things to work on, but the fun and memories comes in the journey – not always in the destination.

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