Color of Your Character

I’m writing this because it doesn’t matter what color skin you have, what matters most in this world until we get to the next is how we treat people – how we treat people of different heritages, backgrounds, ethnicities, etc.. despite physical appearances, among other things.

How you treat someone different than you reflects more on you than it ever does on them. Did you know that? Even if they treated you unfairly, how you respond and react to that is all on you. They didn’t make you act that way. You choose to act that way. You are responsible for your character.

I don’t know if you know this… haha but I’m PALE. White. I don’t even like being white. Why? Because I’m pale! I don’t think it’s even a nice pale, but that’s my opinion. I want to be tan. I used to wonder, when I was like really little in elementary school, why there were other colors of skin. I wanted to be black, or at least a dark brown, ya know? I don’t know why, really, at that age. I felt like everyone I knew was white and maybe I wanted to be different. (I’ve always wanted to be different, that’s nothing new.) Little did I know that there were not so great things in store for my friends of different color. That based off that, some people(not all) automatically put them in a separate category.

You were born with your skin color. You can’t choose it. Your skin color is a gift from God – you should treat it like one.

What does it mean to treat your skin color as a gift from God? That might be different for everyone.

No one should feel bad or as if they should be made feel bad because of their skin color. It saddens me to know that some people may feel that way right now, even now.

As I said, I’m white… and sometimes even that has been a trigger. Some white people get made fun of, too, because of their skin color. “You’re so white.” I know some people got called “white trash” before, too. Not a big deal I guess but it is when you’re that person. When you’re a young kid, white, with glasses and no one wants to be your friend, that stuff can get to you.

Through all of the tribulations and learning, we can still be kind. Our character, something that comes from the inside, is more powerful than our skin color. What someone does or says can’t stop you from showing kindness unless you let it.

In some ways, we’ve gone backwards in society. People are pushing for more separation and they don’t realize it.

What color your character is is up to you.

Do not judge by appearances, but judge with right judgement.

John 7:24

… For the Lord sees not as man sees: man looks on the outward appearance, but the Lord looks on the heart.

1 Samuel 16:7

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