Taking God Out

Have you heard about the possible change of the pledge of allegiance? I read somewhere about taking “one nation under God” out. In today’s political and cultural climate, this doesn’t surprise me. Each day it seems like people are turning away from God and towards their own understanding of life. My only shock is probably that it hasn’t already been done. Nothing really surprises me anymore, though.

I’ve been reading more books on biblical topics than just reading fictional stories. Just a couple years ago I was very much against reading nonfictional books because I was completely not interested, it seemed boring and I didn’t really have a desire to. Now it’s pretty much all I’ve been buying (again, I don’t have a book buying problem… my shelves are just disappearing…).

Something interesting I read this week was that by Tony Evans. I’ve enjoyed his writing – it’s clear and it’s hard to argue with biblical fact.

…when humanity is used as the starting point for interpreting and interacting with God’s creation, faulty theology and sociology emerge as mankind attempts to fashion God unto the image of man. As a result, socialism and communism, in particular, use government to suppress religion to such a degree as to leave the one true God out entirely. …Yet God never forces obedience to His rule. As the supreme ruler, He has allowed the freedom to obey or disobey according to mankind’s choices within the sovereign lines of His boundaries. The boundary lines of God’s sovereignty are the non-negotiable areas He has established.

Tony Evans, How Should Christians Vote?

They can take God’s name out of the pledge of allegiance, but they’ll never take His presence and sovereignty out of our circumstances. God has us.

Romans 13 was also preached on at my church recently. What timing that is! Hard for some to really get hold of, really. It’s just hard right now to be subject to mandates and laws when you don’t agree.

I’m convinced, biblically and in experience living through the current series of events over the past several months (and years) that God has this country under control, even amid all the chaos. He has the world in His hands and He is allowing these things for our greater good. God rules over all and is the supreme ruler over the government.

This will all bring Him glory. Let’s praise Him through this storm and amid the chaos that seems to never end.

What are your thoughts on this?

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