Can you have too much foundation?

I was reading something that reminded me of “Psalms” and I was like “Wow, not even close. You’ve been in the Word too much.” JOKINGLY, because right after I was like you can’t be in the Word too much…

Candy tastes good, but too much? Yeah, don’t want too much.

The Word, though… that you can’t have too much of. It’s literally our foundation for everything we believe. When we have questions, that’s where we turn. When we’re going through hard times, that’s where we turn. When we’re wanting to be closer to God, that’s where we turn. For every season, for every reason, we have the Bible to turn to. Isn’t that great? This one book, containing other smaller books, is sufficient and encompasses everything for our modern lives and it was written some 2000 years ago. It stands the tests of time. Nothing is as wide as these pages.

On a house, can you have too much foundation? Something else I don’t know….

Always turn to the foundation of the Word. That’s the point today and I hope that you do that. You can never have too much of the Word of God. 🙏🏻

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