Not everyone goes into ministry… but we should all be INVOLVED in ministry.

What I mean by “going into ministry” is having a major leadership role in that ministry sector. That’s not for everyone, not everyone gets called there, and not everyone is a leader in that scope.

It’s important to lead others to Christ.

It’s important to be a part of something bigger than ourselves.

It’s important to listen to God and GO when He tells us to. Is that being a leader in ministry? Maybe it’s starting your own ministry to help in something that’s been put on your heart. It’s just important to listen and follow.

I’ve felt this way before, especially when I was younger and saw older kids getting involved and eventually in leadership type roles. What would I even do? I’m not really good at anything (in my opinion and at that time – before I had experience). I was extremely shy, quiet and didn’t talk to many people even if I knew them.

Now I try to get involved in the places I can whenever I am able. Most of these things are in the children’s ministry. I’m a teacher for the K-2nd grade at my church now. I just love those kids. They’re so smart and knowledgeable. They know more than I did at that same age about things in the Bible. Their perspective is sweet and adults can learn so much from that. Every summer I’m also a leader in VBS (Vacation Bible School) which is one of my favorite things of the year now ~ even if that isn’t happening this year.

These things are important, just as important as leading the whole ministry itself within your church, as part of the big church (globally). For me, this has meant believing in myself and the abilities that God has given me.

You may not think you have a ministry because you don’t have a formal title or be an employee with a church organization, but you yourself have your own ministry. How are you involved and what are you doing?

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