New Tires

It’s amazing how new tires makes a difference for ride quality. I’ve experienced this TWICE in one month.

I’ve gotten the Pontiac Grand Prix, that was previously my Dad’s car, up and running. Driving it, I thought it was kind of bumpy and rough but I also figured it had some other issues, add it to the list! is what I thought. My mechanic fixed something else and said the tires looked bad and I was like 😭😭😭 I was trying to hold off a while, but what needs to be done… needs to be done.

I got some tires put on a couple weeks ago, top of the line at that. Oh, my goodness. What a difference! The ride is so much nicer, especially in Oklahoma where the roads are full of potholes and bumps in the road.

A similar incident happen to my Gma’s car. I was driving it and felt how rough it was on the road, more than it really should have been, more than just being on these Oklahoma roads. When we got home I thought I’d check the tires. GLAD I DID. They were almost BARE on the front tires. Hardly any tread left. The back two were great though. We actually ended up going the next day or maybe another day after to get her some tires. While waiting for a sales guy to finish with another customer, I read on a sign that 6 years is a good time to change tires, regardless of how many miles are on them. Gma had gone back in her receipts before we left the house to see when she put her last set of tires on. January of 2014! 👀 So at that point, looking at the display, I was just like…. I think we need all four ?? The guy came out to check the tires and noticed the tires were actually produced in 2013 and I suggested we get all four, for sure.

Now, driving my Gma’s car there’s no comparison. It’s really amazing what those tires can do and how when they’re worn out or old, they can really effect the loudness and roughness in your drive.

The same could be said about our spiritual life.

Has it been years since you’ve been renewed by the Spirit?

When it’s been years since then, our journey is rough and we can feel lost. It’s like being in the dark. You feel alone and like you have nowhere to turn. You may be searching for God. Where is He? Call out to Him and let His Spirit renew you. Let Him give you new tires for your journey.

That is why we never give up. Though our bodies are dying, our spirits are being renewed every day.

2 Corinthians 4:16

New tires doesn’t mean you won’t come to bumps in the road but it means that they won’t steer you away from the road, knock you out of your seat or disturb your joy in the same way.

So, do you need new tires today?

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