The Barriers Found in John 4

I recently read a devotional from Patterns For Peace on the YouVersion Bible app that inspired this post. I find myself seeking out Jesus in all this and learning about His experiences breaking barriers and bridging gaps between ethnicities and colors of skin for His Glory.

In John 4, the testimony I’m recalling is that of the Samaritan woman.

I was going to insert the section here, but I’ll encourage you to open up your own bible and read it for yourself. Take notes if you’d like of what sticks out to you.

How easy would it have been to not engage in conversation? How easy is it for us to stay silent?

It’s much easier, from my own experience, to shrink back and not say anything. I many times stay silent even though I’m completely outraged and irritated with something or someone. Probably NOT the best… but something I’m working on.

It’s easy for me to just think well no one really needs to hear my voice or my thoughts. I feel very unimportant at times in my life. I don’t feel like my voice matters but I want other people to know that there’s does. It’s similar to voting, I always vote. I believe that every vote counts ~ even if there’s corruption and misrepresentation somehow. Personally, I need that same attitude on injustices.

Some of this for me stems from a difference in viewpoints. I see both sides of everything, a blessing and a curse. I analyze and listen to both sides and alter my thinking based on what I absorb. I feel like I speak out this one way, the other side will come after me, and vice versa. It shouldn’t be that way, but it is. For me. I’ve thought a lot over the past several weeks and the only answer that can remotely make sense is Jesus.

The world in its entirety needs Jesus. The light of the world.

Jesus is our example for everything. Christians should be looking to him, not the world. The world says we can do this! Christians should be saying that through Him, all things are possible and HE can overcome. The only way we overcome trials is through the power of the Spirit. It’s never our own human power. We are actually powerless compared to the Almighty. How do we think we alone can bring change to a country, a world, that’s in turmoil due to the same flesh that’s also trying to bring change?

For I can do everything through Christ, who gives me strength.

Philippians 4:13

I’ve included a link below that I’ve come across recently by Priscilla Shirer, one of my favorite genuine Christian women in the world. She speaks briefly (like a minute and a half) on race and our true identity in Christ.

Priscilla Shirer on Race

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