Educate or Defund

If racism is something that is taught and learned, not something you’re born with, which is what I fully believe, and that’s what’s been talking about a LOT recently… then why is education not at the forefront of all of this? Wouldn’t “education” go with words like “taught” and “learned” ??

I don’t think defunding necessary public safety is the answer for a few bad cops. There’s corruption in literally every avenue of life and every profession. There’s been corruption in the police for years in some form. You cannot do enough background checks to see if a cop is racist. It’s a heart issue.

Is that to say that we can excuse the corruption? Not at all. In the world, there is always going to be some sort of bias, some sort of flesh reflex, desire and corruption. We shouldn’t tolerate it, but we shouldn’t be surprised either.

You cannot make people perfect by defunding a profession. Kids dream of being an officer for their whole lives. The incoming generation of police can make a difference. They can be the change the world is looking for.

At the heart of being a police officer is their will to protect and service. They take an oath and that’s what they want to do for their lives. They serve the community they live in. This would be similar to being in the military. Have we not seen corruption within that organization as well? Different story, but still regarding those that have been sworn in to protect and serve their country or their community in some capacity.

Crime isn’t going away. Again, you can’t make people perfect. If you can’t make cops perfect, you also can’t make a community perfect. You’re not going to have a city, an actual city, with zero crime.

There’s many factors to crime and multiple types that officers deal with. A police department has several different units depending on the needs. It doesn’t make sense at this day in age to defund a service that is needed, otherwise, crime will just keep going and repeat offenders will not be brought to justice.

Do these criminals need help? Of course. Do they need mental assistance? Many times, yes. At the heart of the issue, many “small” (non violent) crimes like theft would be them trying to get needs – they feel drawn to that extreme because of their financial circumstance. It’s a burden many face, not being able to properly provide for their family.

Of course, theft is absolutely wrong. Though it is wrong, we should be helping provide resources for these individuals to get on their feet. No one should have to live in poverty or on the street.

That being said, there’s already many services in our area that provides resources and even actual goods to people who are in need. People just are not using it and using their circumstance as a means to do crime. You cannot help people who cannot help themselves.

Some crimes happen involving those who are “well off” and they themselves are going through challenges mentally/emotionally. This is where people need to reach out, be kind, lend a hand. As a community, that’s our job.

Many states have cut funding for education in recent years, maybe even decades at this point. For SOME reason, education seems to be on the back burner for the government. Why? When so much of crime stems from NOT ENOUFH EDUCATION. (Not all)

Why then, would we cut public safety when education is also not being increased? The only way to take away from public safety would be to increase education across the board. If you’re not educating people, you’re causing an ignorant generation that doesn’t know how to think for themselves.

As I said before, racism is a heart issue. If you’re not up for educating and turning the hearts of the people, not just cops, racism is not going away and corruption is still going to be in the world.

Guard your heart above all else, for it determines the course of your life.

Proverbs 4:23

This will probably be considered part 1… more posts to come.

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