Someone Else’s Conviction

Have you ever read a passage from the Bible and was instantly like Wow, I know who needs to hear that a time or two… ? What do we do with those moments? Some may be apt to use that verse for later, a secret weapon… either against the other person negatively or using it gently out of love for their good.

I’m sure that, without me telling you, you know that using a verse or chapter from the Bible to hurl at someone negatively isn’t the route to go. That would just be judgmental and not indicative of our own imperfections in Christ.

For me, personally, I’m not one for confrontation. I don’t enjoy being on either side of it. I keep to myself, read and blog… haha. Seriously, in my experience, I’m the person who reads something, knows who exactly it applies to, but actually does nothing about it. I don’t use it in the heat of the moment and I don’t go up to someone gently and express concern with the verse. This lack of action on my part is convicting alone.

Remember it is sin to know what you ought to do and then not do it.

James 4:17

That other person needs to be directed back to Jesus and their “idea” of life is just an idea, not ideal based on Scripture. If I’ve been given the power to help them and I recognize it, surely I could at least pray for wisdom and approach that person, right?

Have these moments happened to you? How do you handle them?

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