A Dog’s Hearing: A Theory

What you’re about to read is a random thought that came to mind in my crazy thought process – I literally had 5 thoughts in my head at once and this is where I landed. *squirrel*

Another warning is that I made this whole thing up in my head and whether it’s true or not, scientifically or somehow out in the world in someone else’s blog post is completely coincidental. I’d like to meet that person though.

So I was thinking… Dogs don’t speak English. They don’t really speak any human language. What language uses barks and growls? A dogs language, that’s what. Anyway, I was thinking that when we call our dogs by their name, they wouldn’t ever really KNOW what their name means. It’s not like whether we speak Spanish or English matters to them. What if they’re just used to the SOUND of their name instead? They’re not getting used to a name per say. Like, if you call a dog Bob (not recommended) they’d be used to the sound of the name Bob, not the name itself.

Does that make sense?

Probably not.

Maybe the sound of a name is just how you learn a language and my whole theory is messed up. *crying*

Okay… so *tries to save this post*

In general, I think it’s sad that we can’t completely communicate with animals. I want to teach a dog (rather than a parrot) English and other languages. Wouldn’t that be cool? It’s so far out there though because it’s never been done 👀

I find it, also, rather amazing that we can communicate with expressions and acts. A dog can look at you a certain way, out of guilt or happiness, and you just KNOW that’s how they feel. God is good.

Anyway, that’s my thought for the day. Thanks for dropping in for the randomness of it.

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  1. I have wondered if the animals in heaven will speak. Before the fall, in the Garden of Eden, the serpent spoke to Eve. And it didn’t seem like she freaked out about it. So it’s like it was normal. So I wonder if animals not speaking was part of the curse that mankind brought on when we sinned. (Also just a theory!)

    1. Summer says:

      That’s what I was thinking as well! Same instance. They were cast out of the garden, their security bubble and everything changed for them. Even the life of the serpent changed so I would image as well that it’s all related. In our world today, it seems so out of the ordinary for an animal to speak our language, but I could see it happening in heaven – a new and perfect cohesive world.

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