In my word of the day calendar, January 20, 2020 is cosmopoietic. Never heard of it, as most of the random words in my calendar I’ve also never heard of or used. Today’s word means, in short, “world-creating.”

This got me thinking about God and how He created His world. He created a world that was perfect, detailed and precise. We can’t fathom the whys and hows. He spoke and it came into existence.

Two interesting things about this word for today.

First, today is Martin Luther King Jr Day. This was actually used in the sentence example for cosmopoietic. “Alvin appreciates the cosmopoietic aspects of the “I Have a Dream” speech.” Don’t know who Alvin is, but I, too, appreciate the same thing. MLK made great strides to make the world we live in a better place for us to coexist. He was an example of a nonviolent voice for others. His voice still influences and is heard far and wide to this day, just as we celebrate and continue to strive for the dream of racial equality.

Second, we’ve coincidentally been going through the book of Genesis in Sunday School. When God created the world himself, that’s something a lot of our students already know. God created everything. We’ve been going through more details and most recently how sin came into the world and changed the course of even our lives today forever. There’s so many things of this world we’ve yet to find or figure out because God made it so complex for our simple minds. He made everything for a purpose, this world and us.

Let’s create a world full of purpose, equality between God’s children, and hope. Always hope.

What are your thoughts on this?

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