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The question

Do you think young Jesus ever talked back to his parents? Why or why not? Referenced in James 3:1-9… this is the section regarding controlling one’s tongue.

The answer

Nah fam. Because Jesus was perf.

Not just gonna leave it at “Nah fam,” we’re actually going to answer this question!

In Colossians 3:20 and Ephesians 6:1, these verses similarly state that children are to obey their parents because this pleases the Lord.

Sometimes we obey God, yet we still ask why, we ask why am I doing this/why am I being called this way/why am I doing something I don’t want to do. The answer to that is always because God knows best.

The Lord says, “I will guide you along the best pathway for your life. I will advise you and watch over you.”

Psalms 32:8

Remember when you were a kid? Your mom or dad told you to something and you were like WHYYYYYYYYYY, perhaps down the hall as you do it anyway, whatever it was. We don’t understand at that age why we have to do certain things, sometimes we never do. It takes a long time for us to realize that our parents only want the best for their children. This isn’t achieved the way God achieves the “best,” but that’s only because He sees EVERYTHING while parents are very limited in what they can see – they’re not perfect and neither are their children.

The same is with God. He calls us to do things and we’re like… Fine, but I don’t get it. Obeying isn’t always easy and it’s not always fun either. John 14:15 says “If you love me, obey my commandments.” Wow, apply that one with a 5 year old! We would all say we love God. A 5 year old would probably EASILY say he loves his parents, they love everyone at that age. Obeying isn’t even that easy for us though.

It was easy for Jesus though.

Talking back is usually used to mean like responding to your parents quickly with a rude remark or being argumentative. Does that sound like Jesus?

After Jesus was found in His Father’s house, in Luke 2, it says that he returned to Nazareth with his parents and was obedient to them. At such a young age, Jesus knew to obey. Our obedience is always first to God, but he never disobeyed His parents either. In obeying God, He was able to also obey His parents on earth.

God’s word is a spiritual guide we should dig into daily to be like Jesus – obey the word and obey the callings from God. The callings from God always align with His word.

So do I think Jesus ever talked back to His parents? Nah.

What are your thoughts???

What are your thoughts on this?

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