The Great Raft Race 2019

What a great day it was today along the Arkansas River! If you’re curious about this event, look it up on the internet – Google, Facebook, Instagram and probably even Twitter – to learn more!

Pictured below are my favorite pictures of the scenes or my favorite rafts from the day. KKT had the best time which was a little over an hour to get from start to finish. I enjoy their rafts every year because of their creativity and plus they’re just really cool people. Some of these raft groups – I wasn’t able to picture very well – were armed with water balloons AND SO WERE THE SPECTATORS. It was all in great fun and always can’t wait til the next summer for another Raft Race!

KKT Architects
These views 😍
The Driller!
The Driller, what an icon!
“Zeebiscuit” creates by ZEECO
American Airlines looking original here
What a great day to be on a sea doo
Make sure to bring the water guns and machines!
Can’t live in Oklahoma and NOT involved them naders…
So many people come out to see this event!
We saw so many flamingos today 😂😂
This guy took his GUITAR out on the water 👀
You never what you’ll see down by the river 😂
Was this the lock ness monster???
By far the biggest raft we saw!!
Quickie mart outdid themselves!

At the beginning of the summer, much of Oklahoma was flooded and this river was at insanely high levels due to catastrophic rains. Many people lost their homes, businesses and some even lost their lives.

We are so grateful for the time we have to come together as a community and thankful that those high waters have gone down so that this was made possible.