Extraordinary vs Ordinary

Have you ever thought about the words extraordinary and ordinary? Now that you’re probably doing that right now… What do you think??

Extraordinary is defined as very unusual or remarkable. Ordinary is defined as no special or distinctive features and “normal”. (What’s normal anyway??)

Ordinary seems… plain, boring and simple. Nothing wrong with simple, but there’s nothing that gives it uniqueness. So the English language basically changed the whole meaning by adding “extra” to the front of it. “You’re so extra now, you’re no longer ordinary!!” -me

It actually doesn’t make sense. If you said someone was extra ordinary, like two words instead of one word, it would sound like “Wow, you just got to the next level of ordinary there, bud.”

So where did the word extraordinary even come from? Well, dictionary.com came through as usual – everything resorts to Latin!! Whyyyyyy I have no idea. It comes from extraordinarius which is almost too much to pronounce. This word means “out of the common order” and from extra ordinem which is “out of order.”

Great… not sure what to do with THAT information, but it is interesting. I don’t plan on being extra ordinary, but I hope to one day be extraordinary at something I guess. *shrug*

Thanks for reading about a question I’ve thought about a lot and will probably continue to when I’m trying to read or something since this blog post didn’t make anything much clearer.

Have an extraordinary day and try not to be just extra ordinary!!

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