GROCERY ADVENTURES Episode 1: June 24th, 2018

As many of you know, I’m considered an “adult” now… by age, possession of a college degree, and a full-time job. THE SIGNS ARE THERE. I also pay bills regularly but psh, BILLS.

Anyway, add to that list GROCERY SHOPPING. This type of shopping hasn’t gotten intense yet – I only buy for my lunches that I take to work at the moment. Which is a big deal for a picky eater (and a lazy eater too I guess). My shopping happens on Sunday afternoons normally, and yesterday was no different.

I start off by picking out a salad – yeah, get those greens and croutons. Then, I catch up to the cart that’s pushed by my Gma over by the cheese and get distracted by the pepperoni – THAT WOULD BE SO GOOD ON MY SANDWICHES FOR LUNCH. I was going to get a small bag but then I’m like… but if I get the big bag I wouldn’t have to buy more as often which is also cheaper. What was the result? I got a 21oz bag of pepperoni. Don’t judge me.

As if I didn’t have enough pepperoni ammo in the cart… I got a little snack tray of pepperoni, cheese and crackers.

I knew I needed more Cookies and Cream Hazelnut Spread (which I had totes thought was Nutella but was actually made by JIF and nowhere on the container did it say… Nutella. #shook) and so in my attempt to find the peanut butter aisle I get really excited about more Cookies and Cream Hazelnut Spread! I finally find it, grab a jar and then step away, think about it, grab another one. While I’m there I grab a little container of the Skippy P.B. Bites.


I went to the store with my mom and Gma, my usual shopping helpers that always go there own way and desert you the minute you turn you back and become “interested” in other things – in my case it was pepperoni. I found my mom and was showing off my ability to pick out nice snacks I guess and then realized I HAD PICKED UP THE PRETZEL KIND OF SKIPPY P.B. BITES. UGH. WHAT?

*rushes back to exchange the P.B. bites and leaves hazelnut spread with mom*

I look closely at what I pick out and then I’m like… ya know what… I’ll just get two of these too! #Healthy

All in all, what a great time to be alive. I get to eat cookies and cream hazelnut spread as well as all the pepperoni my little heart desires. That’s what adulting has come to folks. All the healthy stuff you can get while grocery shopping.



If you happen to have tasty and easy lunch ideas for this picky eater, drop a comment or send me a message.

What are your thoughts on this?

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