Old Me, New Blog. How do you like those apples?

Today, I start my blog, with the help of a special friend getting it going. I didn’t think I would be writing here so soon, honestly. I’m a very busy person. But being so… I just finished up creating my family’s Christmas (Year in Review) Newsletter my mom sends out to the family. And NOW… I am about to embark upon study material (I never know where to start #overwhelmed).

When I got into the house around 2:15pm today, I had just set my belongings down in my room when I heard a thunderous sound outside. Recently, some construction work has been going on across the street, as I looked out my window, I assumed that is what I would see.

Nope. A wreck had just happened and I seen the truck come to a halt. I watched in shock and then noticed a woman crawling out of the car that had been hit. She looked in pain, crying, yelling. I didn’t know what I was going to do but I knew I had to get out there. It was misting and a chill was in the air. As I finally got some essentials (phone and keys, jacket on), I raced over. It was warming to my heart to see so many neighbors and people that had drove by or witnessed the accident step and lend a hand. My next door neighbor brought out a chair and blankets (multiple times) when she noticed a baby was in the car (safe and not hurt). The driver, the mother, was the one who had crawled out, hurting and worried about her baby. She probably has a broken ankle and some cuts on her head from the impact. Her brother was in the car and got out, taking care of the baby. I let him use my phone to call their dad who was at home where they live just down the street I found out. He ran down the street to her panicked. He reassured her everything was going to be okay, all that mattered was that she was alive.

This whole accident made me think of the blessings we have. To never take for granted the chances to tell your loved ones that you love them. To take each day as a gift from above, because it is.

I hope that throughout my life, I can think of life changing moments, to show continuous gratitude and humble myself as I often only think of doing instead of acting upon it.

Be great, be grateful, be humble. Life is too short to be anything but.

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