Negativity Never Built a Better Team

Wellp. I write to you in a hurt state of mind to start.

We didn’t make it to round 2 of the playoffs. Wednesday, May 4th, the Force was not with us.

The Tulsa Oilers fell in regulation to the Utah Grizzlies in Game 7 of Round 1. The battle was fought hard, but ultimately it wasn’t enough right at the end.

Making it to Game 7 in itself was a battle and I’m proud of the team for working so hard to get there. Though both teams wanted to advance, only one could come out on top.

I’m in a lull of sadness. I was very much looking forward to continuing the postseason and having them come back to play at home just one more time at the very least.

There’s been a lot of negativity recently in my “hockey family” group that’s gotten a bit ridiculous. I don’t believe in bad mouthing the team you’re supposedly a fan of. If you’re a fan for any length of time, you would hope for a comeback win when your team has a period left and down by 2 goals. Completely possible.

Negativity never built a better team. Negativity never fostered growth consistently. Constructive criticism, maybe, but not completely negative and lacking all hope.

Some “fans” they are.

There’s plenty of positive things to focus and elaborate on rather than focusing on a possible loss or opinions of things to change.

May 5th the next season schedule was released so that’s helped me not be so sad about the end of this season!

I’m most looking forward to having a game played at home on my birthday. There hasn’t been one in ages. It’s the first thing I look for on the schedule every year.

This past season brought us a great team and a great new owner who seems set on making this franchise succeed. Very much looking forward to that continued growth and success in the coming years.


Lifelong Tulsa Oilers fan.

What are your thoughts on this?

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