Waiting & Reading

Another insignificant story about patience and taking advantage of opportunities… to read.

Cookies and Lack of Sleep United

That’s what happened in Summer’s world this week. Can you believe it? Me… who consistently chooses reading over sleep. This week, I’ve pretty much been not sleeping. I haven’t even been reading that much really considering I’m just now on my third book of the month. I know, I’m behind! Haha. Why the lack of…

Where Did Repentance Run Off To?

I feel like I need to start this post off with a facepalm… Why? Because repentance doesn’t run off. The fact that I’m so frustrated at times at the lack of repentance in the world is just insane. Maybe this is exaggerated, but is it though…? What got me ticked off this time? Ha. Well…

Christmas Reads 2021

A list compiled for those searching for Christmas stories this season. If that’s you, boy, do I have some reads for you!!

Reading Moments of November

The month known for thankfulness, graciousness and blessings has come to a close and I for one am thankful for BOOKS. Here’s what I read!