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I haven’t ever been into the food shows like bake-offs or anything, although I do love a good plate of food. Some days I barely eat, some days I eat everything on my plate. I feel like I end up eating a lot on days I’m with my boyfriend – which is literally only every on Saturdays (occasionally I get a Sunday… haha).

We share two meals together usually on Saturdays, which is usually always lunch and dinner. Lunch is 99.9% always eaten out at a restaurant somewhere. Our goal is to go somewhere new, try different places… I’ve been to more places, so the amount of places he hasn’t been is (or was!) a bit longer than mine. We’ve eaten our way through most of the list we formed when we first started dating. At dinner, we usually eat at the house or we eat leftovers which… would also be at the house. LOL

Really, we should have done this at the beginning of our list, but you learn.

I had this brilliant idea a few weeks ago as we sat at the booth in Jimmy’s Egg in a suburb of Tulsa. I think we had a Jimmy’s Egg closer than the first one we went to, but I didn’t have the map. Neither of us had been to a Jimmy’s Egg before. Fine, we’ll go, but I’m not gonna like it – Me. I think the fact that “Egg” is in the name of the restaurant is what made me not want to go. I just… I just don’t like eggs. I used to as a kid and I don’t know what happened! Anyway, we went to this first location and the line was long, people were standing, there was no social distancing going on and that doesn’t bother me as much as I didn’t want to wait and I also don’t like large groups of people anyway so it was just frustrating. I talked G into going to a different location and I guess the closest one at that point was all the way in Bixby. Let’s go.

We got to the Bixby location and had to wait for a little bit for a table to be cleared, but I think we were still there and seated before we would have gotten a table at the other one. Jimmy’s Egg is a hopping place, y’all!

There, in a nicely padded booth in a suburb with my favorite person, this idea (the brilliant one I mentioned above never elaborated on above) came to me and we started a discussion that gave birth to this post.

Welcome to the first post introducing the Restaurant Reviews by Summer!!

Qualities for Rating

Quality of Food
  • Was the order correct when received?
  • Was the food delivered hot?
Wait Time
  • To be seated
  • To be waited on by the server
  • To receive food from time of order
Atmosphere of Restaurant
  • Type of music (if any)
  • Decor
  • Energy of staff
  • Formal? Casual?
  • Clean table/seat when seated
  • How fast do the tables get cleaned?
  • Floor cleanliness
  • Expensive? Cheap?
  • Quality/quantity for the price
  • Did the server or anyone else check on quality of food?
  • Did the stay attentive to possible needs at the table?
Seating quality
  • Type of seating available
  • Was the seating comfortable?
Variety on the Menu
  • Was there a wide variety of options? I’m picky so I need variety usually haha

0 Stars

  • absolutely horrible, each category was below average basically (probably won’t use much but figured it would be okay to add here)

1 Star

  • Most categories didn’t meet quality standards

2 Stars

  • About half of quality standards were not met

3 Stars

  • A good portion of quality standards were met – equivalent to an average score

4 Stars

  • All quality standards were met, but didn’t have have anything special to note

5 Stars

  • All quality standards were met and exceeded any expectations – basically changed my life

So what did we give Jimmy’s Egg, then?

We are a bit mixed on a star rating…

I would give Jimmy’s Egg a 4-Star rating because it met all the standards, but I don’t know that I was so blown away by the experience that it would garner a 5-Star rating.

My viewpoint here…

G on the other hand has an opinion of 5-Stars. Apparently Jimmy’s Egg changed his life and I’m a bit shook, but *shrug.*

*gets into an aggressive argument over the star rating in IG DMs*

We’ll split this one and go with a 4.5 Star rating because it’s my blog and I do what I want.

More posts to come in this random hobby category!

Will probably be more detailed on WHY/HOW we give a star rating on our next review 😂😂

What are your thoughts on this?

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