A Quarter of a Century… For This.

Hello! I come to you on a Thursday morning, tired as usual, struggling to stay hydrated, 13 tabs open in my mental browser and confused as to why the person I’m emailing and receiving voicemails from is a bit on the hostile side.

This weekend I turn the age… of a quarter of a century. And this is my life.

I woke up yesterday not feeling that great but I think it’s just because of my lack of good and consistent sleep. That or I’m just getting old… either or.

I also woke up with relief that my manager would be back from vacation and I wouldn’t feel as confused all the time during work.

During the day yesterday, I was notified of the worsening of the weather over the coming weekend. What I had planned to be a celebratory weekend… is basically cancelled.

No caption… 😛

Because of that, I think I’m just postponing my birthday to my half birthday which is in August! I’m not feeling the icy weather. Snow is fine, but not the ice and temps below freezing for days (possibly over a week!!).

In other news…

I did do okay while my manager was off work for three days. She was still available of course when needed, but, as I’ve mentioned, I feel like I should just know things already. So I’m pretty hard on myself.

I led a short department meeting. Minimal, almost pointless updates by me and some small talk. Let me know if you need anything, kind of meeting.

Later, I had Change Champions which included, as usual, a small speaking exercise. It was fun! I actually feel very comfortable in my class and I’m excited to be able to attend. I get nervous thinking about it maybe the day before for like 5 minutes, but then I remember how I enjoy my team in there and I’m fine. This week we’ll be reading Who Moved My Cheese. Have you read that before?

To end, I’ve included a selection of recent memes… this is what 25 years has led up to. Enjoy. 😃

2007 was the year of a huge ice storm in this area 🙃
They ended up winning 5-3!
Half birthdays for the win…

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