2nd Annual 918 Day

What is the 918?

918 is the area code in NE Oklahoma, where I’m from!

What happens on 918 day?

Let’s be clear… 918 day is September 18th annually. This is a day to come together as a community and celebrate all we have to offer here… in the 918!

There’s all kinds of stuff going on in the 918… about the 918. There’s 918 themes, shirts, and literally anything you can think of. There’s discounts and promotions of local shops too.

The Tulsa Mayor GT Bynum will be touring across Tulsa to see the sights, taste some food, and see what’s happening. Did I mention that he will be touring for 24 hours??? The entire day of 9/18. WHOA.

Our community is one of the best – we’re diverse in all aspects and inclusive for the most part. We bring people together and we all have a goal to bring positive growth to our communities in which we live.

I’m not sure what I’ll be doing to celebrate today, but HAPPY 918 DAY!

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    1. Summer says:

      I thought so too!

  1. 18cinemalane says:

    This sounds like an interesting concept for a local event! You should write a post chronicling your day or a blogathon celebrating the occasion.

    1. Summer says:

      Perhaps! It’d be easier to do when it falls on like a weekend day, otherwise I’m always at work lol

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