Summer Needs to Chill

No, not me… The SEASON. How hard is it to give some shade every once in a while? This is the story about a girl who has issues with the sun, aka Episode 1 of Summer’s Meltdowns.

Summer’s World

Blog Update! Not too important but fun stuff happening that I’m excited about. If you ever have a suggestion, please let me know either by survey, contact form, or email!


Where did the name pineapple come from?? If you think about it, it’s weird because it’s not from a pine tree and it’s not an apple. Tropical fruit, what are you gonna do?

Tattoos and Why I Can’t Even

Tattoos aren’t my thing – not something I would put on my body. Here are my reasons why. In no way is this post meant to take value away from a person who has tattoos because my very best friends in life have or plan to have tattoos.