Tuesday Feels 🔥

We are so so valuable to God and He uses us even when we feel useless, hopeless and discouraged by the world.

I just wanted to take the time to say that I’ve been sitting at my desk for over two hours working on some stuff and I have felt truly at peace. While I think about all of those who don’t know God, don’t know Jesus, and who are lost and just not feeling alive right now, I serve a God who knows more about ME than I do.

That’s crazy and unfathomable.

There’s not another person or thing on Earth that could say that they know how many hairs are on your head. You don’t even know that, who would actually be able to???

There’s many days I’ve been okay and then not and I’ve found true encouragement for my day, whatever moment I’m in. Today, I’ve just felt like God wanted me to share a scripture that I had been thinking of lately and especially today. I hope you find encouragement as well, either by this or in your alone time with God today. 🙏🏻

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